2022 Awards Eligibility

This year, I have fiction and academic scholarship for your nominating pleasure. Enjoy! “The Probability of One” (flash)September 2022. Fantasy Magazine. 1400 words. An ode to quantum possibility & Black vernacular tongues weaving the very fabric of spacetime. With a word, one might hold–or destroy it. The choice is Darius’s. fanfic-esque tags: 🌌 quantum fieldsContinue reading “2022 Awards Eligibility”

2021 Awards Eligibility

Despite a wild, exhausting year, I watched two, fabulous stories sail into the world. They’re award eligible, and quite fun reads. Enjoy! “Bandit, Reaper, Yours” (flash)April 2021. Baffling Magazine. 1200 words. This piece asks whether more is owed to one’s bloody, lucrative trade—or one’s heart. Find it on the Quick Sip Reviews 2021 Recommended ReadingContinue reading “2021 Awards Eligibility”