2022 Awards Eligibility

This year, I have fiction and academic scholarship for your nominating pleasure.


"Fantasy Magazine" cover for Issue #83. A young black person stands before a doorway, looking out into a meadow filled with wildflowers, under a hazy sky.

The Probability of One” (flash)
September 2022. Fantasy Magazine. 1400 words.

An ode to quantum possibility & Black vernacular tongues weaving the very fabric of spacetime. With a word, one might hold–or destroy it.

The choice is Darius’s.

fanfic-esque tags:
🌌 quantum fields as ancestral language
✊🏾 thwarting colonizers

🥘 food kinship (very much in the vein of "i got beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes, chicken, turkey, chicken, YOU NAAAAME IT")
🧑🏾‍🍼 queer Black fathers

Abstract image that features two black people, foregrounded and bathed in purple & blue hues. The background is galactic--nebulas, stars, and abstract lines and shapes creating a colorful tapestry around them.

Image from the Smithsonian Institute.

Speculative Pedagogies for Liberation” (Keynote).
May 2022. For the California Conference on Library Instruction.

This talk bridges Black speculative thought & critical teaching frameworks to ask how academic libraries–and library instruction–might better engage with the ongoing work of dismantling supremacy.

I also rounded up my favorite SFF reads from 2022:

Logo for We Reads, in a serif font

As part of We Reads, I collected SFF shorts, novelettes, novellas, and novels that moved me–all written by authors of color. Visit our seasonal collections page to see the most recent books, or search our full archive for extra genre, character, & thematic tags.

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