About Me

As a librarian and technologist, I strive to mindfully work at the intersection of libraries and tech; this means applying anti-oppressive praxes in my day to day work, which I’m lucky to do as the Design & Technologies Librarian at Barnard College. In this role, I manage day-to-day operations for the library’s new Design Center, an interdisciplinary campus makerspace, and help integrate critical pedagogies (from Critical Race Theory, to visionary fiction & speculative futuring) into the Center’s curriculum.

I’m also a speculative fiction writer who puts time and energy into crafting meaningful stories. You can find me spinning tales about extraordinary QPOC thwarting danger in faraway lands, wrecking power structures, and falling in love–all at the same damn time.

And finally, I’m an admin for a fantastic community called We Here, founded by Jenny Ferretti, which offers closed online spaces for library, archives, and museum workers of color. Colleagues of color, regardless of your role in the profession, I hope you’ll join our private Facebook and Slack spaces because we here and we see you. And white allies, you can and should read the work coming out of our Medium space, and follow along with us on Twitter.

Interested in connecting? Chat with me further on Twitter.