2021 Awards Eligibility

banner image with caption 2021 Round Up: Jen Brown's awards eligible fiction

Despite a wild, exhausting year, I watched two, fabulous stories sail into the world.

They’re award eligible, and quite fun reads. Enjoy!

Cover of baffling magazine, issue three, showing one woman cradling another woman's face, amid a dress-shop background

Bandit, Reaper, Yours” (flash)
April 2021. Baffling Magazine. 1200 words.

This piece asks whether more is owed to one’s bloody, lucrative trade—or one’s heart. Find it on the Quick Sip Reviews 2021 Recommended Reading List.

fanfic-esque tags:
💋 adversaries to lovers
we betrayed each other, but it's kinda hot???
☠️ bone magic
get in loser, we're going shopping murking everybody who gets in our way

Anathema Magazine cover for issue number 12, showing cave with glowing crystals and mushrooms peeking from the darkness

To Rise, Blown Open” (short story)
May 2021. Anathema: Spec From the Margins. 4450 words.

Part battle cry, part psalm, this tale of Black superheroes & villains navigates legacy and monstrosity, in equal measure. Find it on the 2021 Locus Recommended Reading List, along with Maria Haskins, A. C. Wise, & Eugenia Triantafyllou’s recommended reading lists.

fanfic-esque tags:
⛈️ oops i broke the sky again
❤️‍🔥 queer polyam throuple
😒 black matriarch who definitely isn't One Of Your Little Friends
🌱 Black family

Now, it wouldn’t be a proper roundup without sharing my favorite 2021 reads:

Logo for We Reads, in a serif font

As part of We Reads 2021 project team, I rounded up my favorite SFF shorts, novelettes, novellas, and novels–all written by authors of color–in our 2021 seasonal collections.

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