#libleadgender 5/17 chat @8pm!

Hey friends! I’m moderating a #libleadgender chat tonight @ 8pm EST/ 5pm PST. Our topic for discussion is on early career librarianship, navigating leadership challenges, assessing risk, and sharing resources on leadership growth/development. Note: I say “early career librarianship” to identify those of us who currently identify as such and those who’ve already been through it! So this chat is for everyone.

Our questions are:

  • Q1: How do you lead as an early career librarian? (And if you feel you don’t or aren’t in a position to do so, why is that?)
  • Q2: Do your identit(ies) (race, gender or lack thereof, ability, etc.) affect how your leadership’s perceived? If so, how?
  • Q3: How do you decide when it’s worth the risk to speak up, disagree, or push back in your institution?
  • Q4: What strategies have helped you navigate early career leadership challenges & how did you find them? (Mentors? Programs? etc)
  • Q5: Community is key to our work; how do you support other early career librarians (esp. POC/LGBTQA/folks @ the margins?) who’re leading from the middle?

Please suggest other questions, too! I’d like us to have a chat that reflects as many of our experiences as possible. See you tonight!


Thanks to all who participated! The Storify is available here :).

Published by Jen

Emerging Technologies Coordinator, Columbia University's Science and Engineering Libraries.

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